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Online Art Courses Taught By: McKenzie Page


I’m McKenzie, Owner and Teacher at Creative Pages. This is my 7th year teaching Art Lessons and if it’s possible I think I love it more each day! I have always had a passion for teaching and a love for all things art and that’s what this program was built on. I’m so excited that my in person class is now also available online through this course.

My goal for this program is to give children the opportunity to experience all types of art, from Acrylic on Canvas to Paper Mache and everything in between. I was an Elementary Art Teacher 4 years and I’m very aware of the limited supplies students get to use and experience at school. As fun as it is to learn and try something new, it’s extremely important to me that my students are constantly building their knowledge on the basics of art.

Please reach out at any time if you have any questions about our program or what we offer!


Her love of art has completely blossomed, she has so much confidence
& joy in her art now.​
“My daughter has now done the summer classes as well as the annual classes with McKenzie. She has loved every minute of them! Her love of art has completely blossomed. She has so much confidence and joy in showing everything she creates in her classes! McKenzie is the absolute sweetest teacher and so patient with the kids. I have been so impressed with her whole program. It’s such a fun environment for kids to really gain some confidence in art and learning so many different ways to create. We can not recommend Creative Pages enough!!“

- Jessie​
Thank you for teaching my boy that everyone has value!​
“Today when we were working together on one of your online art projects one of my children said, “I keep making mistakes! I’m the worst at this!” My son immediately said, “My teacher likes all kinds of art. You don’t have to do it one way. It can still look good however you do it.” It made my heart swell three sizes! Thank you for teaching my boy that everyone has value! I’m grateful for your awesome videos, willingness to share your talents and your kind heart!”​

They beg for art classes and we are so glad we decided to try classes here!​
"My kids love Creative Pages! They beg for art classes and we are so glad we decided to try classes here. We drive a little farther than we'd like because we think it's worth it. My kids range in age from 6-13 and they all love the classes! We take mainly in the summer because of distance, but my kids wish they could take classes all year. They learn so much, have fun and are always so excited to show me what they created! Thanks for teaching my kids new art forms and allowing them to be creative!​"

My daughter looks forward
to every class.​
"My 6 year old has always shown a love and natural talent for all things art but I never knew how to help her build upon that initial interest UNTIL we found Creative Pages. My daughter looks forward to every class. I have seen her excitement for art and her creative skills grow so much over the last few years with McKenzie. I love that art has become a positive outlet for my child where she sees the options are limitless and she feels confident in what she is capable of." ​

I look forward to seeing
his projects each week & hearing about what he learned.​
"My son has been in Ms. Page’s art class for 1 year. I have watch his confidence grow with doing new things. He loves going & having fun while learning a new skill. I love that he truly enjoys art & is getting to learn all different kinds of mediums at such a young age. I look forward to seeing his projects each week & hearing about what he learned. Ms. Page makes the class fun & exciting for the kids!​"

We feel lucky to be in her class.​
"Franky looks forward to art every Tuesday. He always enjoys the new techniques he’s learning in class. McKenzie is a great teacher, we feel lucky to be in her class."

- Trellis ​
All 3 of my kids love these classes!
"All three of my kids (ages 5-11) love these art classes and we’ve been doing them for years! They love painting, drawing with chalk, learning how to do quilling and making clay creations. Art class is a highlight each week. We love Miss McKenzie!"

Makes each child feel loved,
confident, and like a true artist!
"My kids ages (5 & 7) absolutely love art with McKenzie. They go to class happy, and come home even happier. I’m impressed week after week with the things they come home having created. McKenzie has a gift of teaching that makes each child feel loved, confident, and like a true artist. We love Creative Pages!"

My daughter has gained a lot of confidence & new skills because of McKenzie's classes.
"We have loved taking online classes with McKenzie. She has an amazing ability to encourage and boost each child's self esteem. She does a wonderful job instructing in a clear and positive way. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence and skills because of McKenzie's classes. We would highly recommend Creative Pages."


Our Courses

Our course is hosted through GUMROAD. To access it, you will need to go to GUMROAD each time to view your library. This account is created after you get your emailed receipt and click DOWNLOAD. Account creation is at the bottom of receipt.

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$ 35 Monthly
  • Projects for Each Age Group
  • Includes Each Individual Age Group Course
  • Allows Each Child in Your Home to Create at Their Own Level

AGES (3-5)

$ 12 Monthly
  • Basic Fundamentals of Art
  • Identifying & Drawing Shapes in Projects
  • Improve Coloring Skills Using Different Materials

AGES (6-8)

$ 12 Monthly
  • Learn How to Draw Large Variety of Subjects
  • Focusing on Shapes & Lines
  • Develop Coloring, Shading, & Painting Skills

AGES (9-11)

$ 12 Monthly
  • Encourages Children to Add Their Own Artistic Style
  • Continue To Build on the Fundamentals of Art
  • Focus on Sketching, Shading, & Working with a Variety of Materials

AGES (12+)

$ 12 Monthly
  • Challenged with New Artistic Styles
  • Increased Difficulty of Projects & Materials
  • Encourages Children to Add Their Own Artistic Flare


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This is best done on a computer and not a mobile device. 

You can use any supplies you have on hand. The supply list is what I will be using for each project to give a variety of materials on projects.


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Yes you can through your GUMROAD account. We host and use GUMROAD for the course. You’ll need to cancel your subscription to the current course and then resubscribe to the new one.

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Yes you can through your GUMROAD account. We host and use GUMROAD for the course. You’ll need to cancel your subscription to the current individual age group and then resubscribe to the family one.

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No, the reason why is because this is a digital product. As soon as you pay it’s yours and can’t be taken back. It’s incredibly affordable for what you get. You can cancel your subscription for the following month if it’s not to your liking. If you want to see a preview for what you get in the course, please join our Facebook Group.

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